real life messes

May 9, 2017

Don’t look at the previous post and think my whole house is that neat because it certainly isn’t. Here is the proof. This is pretty much what the girls’ rooms look like most of the time. Currently, our guest room is in a state of disarray as it has been a catch all for furniture pieces I need to list on craigslist. I’m itching for the summer, so that I can start our big purge. I need to go through clothes that don’t fit and toys that don’t get played with. We also need to build a bookshelf somewhere because we have tons of books that need a place. With homeschooling and having girls that love to read, our book collection keeps growing, and we have no proper shelves to house them.

Soul and Glow are excited to deep clean their room because they want it to look like “Airbnb.” Soul has also requested to have a white duvet (it’s currently light pink) and I need to figure out how to decorate the rest of their room. True has the hardest time letting things go because she is super sentimental, which is probably more like Ben since he still has orange juice containers that I gave him when we were dating. I need to make sure he gets rid of some of that stuff this summer too. Also, I have two rooms downstairs that I never finished painting, so I’m going to attempt to get that done soon. Summer hasn’t even started and my to-do list is pretty long.

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