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May 8, 2017

I don’t redecorate often, and my style doesn’t really change, so everything in our home stays pretty consistent. I only buy things I really love, so there’s never really a need to switch things out. It probably makes for bad blogger material, but whatever, I know what I like and that’s that. I’ve mentioned recently that I have been itching to redecorate a little, and the first thing on my agenda was to change out the pillows. I was going to order some from H&M (see this post), but after finding a stash of white, cotton canvas in my workroom, I got sewing and made the pillow covers myself. Then, I remembered I had a large collection of antique grain sacks and used a couple of those to cover two more pillows. The mix of textures go well together and I’m happy with our new pillow arrangement.

Over the weekend, I picked up a new pot at Home Goods  (it’s holding the plant on the coffee table). Also, I moved a couple of plants and decor items around, and while the changes aren’t major, it’s just enough to make things feel a little updated. I want to get a bigger plant for the corner, something about 8′ tall, and I’ll probably remove the hanging basket once I find the perfect plant. Ben thinks we might still need a couple light pink pillows for the sofa, so I may order one or two (or dye my own fabric), and see what that adds to the sofa. Other than that, I like the little changes we made and it’s just the beginning of a little bit of rearranging in our home. I have no plans to by anything major, but just do a little switch-a-roo with different pieces from other rooms.

If you’re dying to hit the refresh button on your home, maybe doing a little pillow switch-a-roo is just the update you’re looking for too.

See how this room looked like before the pillow switch-a-roo here, and past room tours here and here. You’ll notice I’m pretty consistent.

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  • amity says:

    hi ruby, i wondered if you had a pillow making post? i’ve wanted to make new pillows for our couch forever and wondered if you had an easy method? i was planning to try making some zipper closure ones so i could wash the covers as needed.
    your room refresh looks great, (we have very similar styles in our home) and i love your updated white pillows!!

    • Rubyellen says:

      I did an overlapping back so I wouldn’t have to mess with putting any zippers in. Would you like a tutorial?

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