September 2, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

One week of school done! Woot!

Basket shop updated (this is my fave), as well as my etsy with lots of vintage clothes (and there’s a sale going on there). Are you following WOVENFOLK on instagram? Do so here!

Obsessed with making bimbimbap lately. I use this recipe, but leave out the meat and use this recipe for tofu.

We love the new Taylor Swift song and we’re rooting for her. I always tell the girls that no one ever makes us do something, so we dissect the song and discuss her message, so while I don’t agree with it, it is catchy and clever. It’s fun watching the video and trying to discover her hidden meanings. That Swift knows exactly what to do to generate buzz and cash.

Um, heatwave… please leave. This no AC home is kind of hot and we’re sweating all the time. lol We have AC, but we don’t run it for energy and money saving reasons, but saving is the biggie.

I’m trying this probiotic moisturizer for my eczema. My friend is making me a roller with natural oils. I’m not an oil person, but I’d like to be a believer.

Aside from egg and cheese, we rarely eat meat. We mostly do tofu and beans, so I was so excited when I went out with friends this week and had a burger!

We are so sad about the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has left. I’ve been encouraged by my daughters’ request of praying for those affected during our family prayer time. My in-laws were bracing for the storm in San Antonio, but it moved north instead, and SA didn’t get much. We’re praying for all of you affected.

Stay cool friends!


8 comments on “huzzah!”

  • why aren’t you an oil person? would love to hear more about your family prayer time. when and how often it happens, the structure, how old the girls were when you started, etc.. 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      I’m skeptical of those kinds of marketing things. And the oils are so expensive! But I’m trying one for my eczema, so we will see how it goes.

  • tracy says:

    i just tried eucrissa for my eczema and it helps. i have it on my eyelids, so it burns a little but it helps. try it

  • gladmama says:

    Have you tried taking nordic naturals fish oils? I mix them with a coconut water probiotic for my daughter. I also give her turmeric pills that are for the allergy that the eczema is from, which I have not figured out what is triggering it. These things help a great deal. I hope yours gets better.

  • I am with you on Harvey. 🙁
    I have family in FL who haven’t evacuated that I am worried about now. . . and some of them are not believers, so that makes it harder.
    I have not heard the Taylor Swift song, but that is good advice!
    I live off of tofu. I love it with sriracha sauce. Mmm mmm.

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