June 23, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

God’s been really stretching my faith in Him this week. I’ve been more panicked about what I can and can’t do versus just trusting that He works all things out. The struggle has kept me uncomfortable, and I’m pleading with God to help me, but I feel my little (teensy, tiny) faith, and I’m having a hard time just resting in Christ and His promises.

Excited to be exploring Minneapolis with friends! And meeting some blog readers and online friends in real life, especially Ms. Tips!

We all watched Solo and loved it, but my girls love pretty much anything Star Wars related.

I’ve been in need of a new wallet and I just ordered this quirky one to hold my cards and cash.

The girls and I are having fun watching the Just Add Magic Amazon series.

Love the new Everlane cotton dresses and flat sandals!

Dying to make this salt & pepper shrimp recipe, but healthi-fied of course.

I will be working on making a list of summer to-do and goals list while I’m away. If I don’t plan, this summer will fly by, and I want to make sure the girls and I are intentional with our time. It’s easy to just let them play all day with each other, and while I’m home, I don’t get much time with them because they’re doing their own thing and I’ve got my nose in something else too.

Enjoy weekending, folks!


May 19, 2018

This week’s, learned, links, and thankfulness…

One of my girls got a tooth extraction done this week, in preparation for braces, and that was not fun (for her and me). Thankful it seems to be healing up, but hopefully we don’t have to do that again for any of the other girls.

Found some vintage earrings very similar to the chandelier styles here.

Had an Everlane gift card that I had been hoarding, so I ordered their block sandal. I got the blue snake skin, and while it’s not a color I normally wear, that’s why I chose it. I’m happy to report they’re quite comfy and even cuter in person!

My face has been a bit dry of late, so I’m adding this oil to my skin care regime. Anyone have a good face oil to recommend?

Some of my closest friends had a baby this week and I’m so honored I was there to witness it. I’ve been there for the births of their previous two, and the seeing a child be born is so beautiful.

Pair this nude colored t-shirt with this denim skirt for a simple, but chic look. Would look so cute for summer!

Still loving doing those Island Girl Workouts on Youtube. If I don’t get to do my workout first thing in the morning with Ben, I’ll do one of the hula ones in the afternoon.

“Do You Fear a Day of Rest?” is a good article that I needed to read.

Excited about the long weekend next weekend, but I have a busy work week up ahead. I have to cut about 15,000 feet of rope for my next macrame workshop. Wish me luck! Rather, pray for me. 😐

Enjoy the weekend, friends!


May 12, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful I can share things I wrestle with with Ben. My heart has been fighting discontentment and jealousy this week.

About to finish up some of our school books for the year! Yippee! Can’t believe we’ve been homeschooling this long.

Beautiful, romantic blouse for summer.

20% off sale this weekend at one of my fave vintage shops, Ms. Tips!

Watch AMA, an insanely beautiful short film by Julie Gautier. It’s awe-inspiring, but causes me to panic just a little bit too.

Wovenfolk also has plenty of loose and flowy tops and dresses for warm weather.

I’m trying out this new face wash. I love that the product is cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, and has 100% certified fair trade ingredients.

Love the look of Everlane’s new block heel.

We are all obsessed with The Greastest Showman, even though it’s not historically accurate, and the real PT Barnum was more questionable (but this would deserve its own post). We all thoroughly enjoyed the film and love the music. I’d like to run off and be a trapeze artist and sing while flying through the air. #goals

This article from Desiring God has encouraged me to put Christian biographies on our summer reading list.

Praise God I’ve been able to spend time in the Word first thing in the morning. It might mean my workouts didn’t happen or got moved to the afternoon, but this time is infinitely better for my soul.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so we will be showering my mom with love and I hope to get some quiet and relaxing (in a clean house) time myself.


May 5, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

My girls of course had fun putting on their costumes for May 4th. Their love for Star Wars is so cute!

I like the raw hems on these jeans and want to give it a try the next time I find a pair that needs some cutting.

The girls and I are excited the one month countdown until summer starts now! Woot!

A perfect denim skirt for summer.

I picked up some cool sunnies from this depop seller. Depop is another good marketplace to find one of a kind goods. I’ve picked up the best $8 vintage jeans and now $12 sunglasses.

This creative book looks like something the girls need for summer.

If you love vintage clothing, Pieceology Vintage is a shop you must follow.

Happy school testing week is done!

Wovenfolk carries some vintage denim! More will be trickling in here and there.

We’ve got glorious 90 degree weather this weekend. I might not think it’s so glorious in the summer, but I’m loving it now.

Happy weekending, friends!


April 28, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

True is 12! And this week was spent prepping for all her birthday surprises. Hence, it’s been quiet here.

Wovenfolk had a cotton candy colored update this week. Loving these pastels for spring and summer.

Anyone follow the television show Scandal? What did you think of the series finale. I wasn’t loving the last couple seasons, but hung in there.

Such a pretty white blouse and gorgeous linen dress for warm days.

My kids are obsessed with the radio show Adventures with Odyssey. True requested a subscription to all the episodes for her birthday.

Never such thing as too many plants.

We are so excited about the smart drip system Ben has put in our yard. Once he’s done, we will share a post about it. With a press of a button, we can water our garden while on vacation!

Saturday has been chill and I was able to catch up on some house things I let pile up this week. Also, I took a 20 minute nap (on accident), so I say the weekend has been great so far! Hope you get things done and a little bit of rest in too!





April 14, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful to have taught my first Pinners Conference. I’m going to make a couple tweaks to panel pattern, but I’m already excited for Minneapolis in June. If you want to get tickets here, use code CAKIES and get 10% off. I’ll be doing a wall hanging class on Friday and a plant hanging class on Saturday; I will cover mostly different knots for both. Pinners classes are quite large class sizes, so if you want more one on one instruction in a smaller, intimate setting, I’ll be teaching a pop-up workshop at Kinoko Kids (Saturday evening 6/23). Stay tuned for details about that.

WOVENFOLK had a home goods update.

Always so appreciative of all the groceries and leftovers my parents send home with us when we visit. Gifts from God!

Ben and I have been sneaking in afternoon dates on Monday afternoons while the girls are at theater. I love that time we have!

This vintage jumpsuit is so darling and perfect for warm days.

Size 8 shoe ladies, this vintage wooden pair is perfection.

My sewing machine broke… wahhhh! But it’s had a very full life with a book written on it and countless many projects. Looking for a new one, anyone have a suggestion?

My project of the moment is prepping for a certain girl to turn 12 in 2 weeks. ACK… I’ll have a 12 year old!

I feel the school year winding down, I’m busy prepping for workshops, Wovenfolk, keeping with the mom and wife gig, and other life trials we’re praying about. Life is busy (it is for everyone, isn’t it?!), but good. We have lots of answered prayers and some still left unanswered, but we’re gonna keep holding on and trusting God. How was your week?


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