adding more cor-ten steel beds in our backyard

May 6, 2015

cornet steel beds (again)cornet steel beds (again)cornet steel beds (again)So the saga continues, and we have another batch of corten steel beds added to our yard. In the curved bed, which follows the concrete, we will be creating a privacy screen by growing citrus along a trellis. This will help block the view of one of our neighbors. Then, the other big steel beds will be for avocado trees.

We love the look of these beds so much, and while they are a bit costly, we feel it is worth the investment. Ben still does build some wooden garden beds here and there, but our steel beds are our favorite. We love the way they weather and they just have such a nice presence. Our garden has changed so much these past couple months, and I keep meaning to film a short tour of it. I think it would be fun to see how it progresses each month because Ben is always adding and changing things. One day, when everything is lush and green (and full-grown), it will be special to look back at how our backyard has transformed.

See when we first put our corten steel beds here, this is our steel vegetable beds, and the beginnings of one of our citrus trellises.

7 comments on “adding more cor-ten steel beds in our backyard”

  • ih says:

    thanks for sharing..

  • Rebecca says:

    When you say they are a bit costly, would you mind sharing more specific numbers? I love the look of these and would like to consider adding some to my garden too, but I’m wonder if I have any business daydreaming about them. 😉

    If you ever moved houses, would you take them with you?

    • Rubyellen says:

      It really varies on the size, and also what’s in stock with the fabricator we use. Sometimes, he has leftover steel from a bigger project, so the cost is cheaper than other times. It does cost more than regular wood beds, but not quite double (close to it though). And we also factor in all the gardening projects we have going on and the time it takes to build a new bed, we love the corten steel a lot and sometimes it’s just worth it to get that and have someone else build it because it saves us time and let’s us move along in our garden project list. Does that make sense?

  • Leila says:

    I love the steel beds! Thank you for inspiring me to start my own garden. I started planting months ago and I really enjoy watching my plants grow.

  • Denise says:

    Gosh the steel beds are different but I like them too. It’s very exciting to see your garden really taking shape and the planning bing built. I’m looking forward to a garden tour if you end up doing one. I’m doing pot gardening at the moment as we are renting. We have to move house soon so I’m looking forward to taking my O&A ts with me this time

  • nikki says:

    wow– these are so great!

    xx nikki

  • Cat says:

    I’ve never seen steel beds before – they look fantastic! I want some!!

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