wine, cheese, and craft night

wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night! wine, cheese, and craft night wine, cheese, and craft night! Erin, Melissa, Lauren, and I live relatively close to each other (for SoCal and traffic), so we had been wanting to get together. After a couple cancellations, we finally made it happen (third time’s a charm). They all came over to my house, and we hung out in the backyard over wine, cheese, and some crafting.

We’ve been following each other for awhile via blog and instagram, so it was so weird to see each other in real life. At first, you just wanna stare and say, “You’re real.” Actually, I did that. HA! Then, you get to see their movements and hear their voice, and it’s really so interesting to have the online world and real life collide. Lauren and I already knew each other (so I already knew how sweet she is), but this was my first time meeting Melissa and Erin are both are just as lovely as they are online (even more so in person!).

They brought some necklace beads, and I had some ready to share, and we made simple beaded necklaces as we chatted. I enjoyed getting to know these creative ladies, and chat about random things like malls, birthing, and social media.I set out some mini pumpkins we had, a few tea lights (the wind blew most of them out), and a little vase of flowers made for a simple table set up. I have this pretty bark cheeseboard, and used it for cheese (duh!) and crackers. I also served some hummus and pita bread, and the girls and I made Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread. Santa Margherita sent me this bottle of wine awhile back, and so I opened it up for the occasion.

It was a relaxing evening and we talked about doing it again soon, maybe this time doing some macrame or weaving together. Lauren got bit by the necklace making bug that she did it again with friends a couple days later. If you’re itching for a creative night with some friends, just pick up some simple beads and cording at your local craft store, and get together over food and create necklaces together!




the bookends

the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends These are my bookend kids, my oldest and my youngest. It’s quite special to watch the unique relationships between all of them, but it’s especially cute to see the mothering True does with Glow. Brave does it too, but by nature of birth order, True is steps into that role more often. There are five years between the oldest and younger (oh my gosh that’s close!), so it will be interesting how their relationship continues to play out as they get older.

My baby sister and I are ten years apart, but she was the pretty much the sibling I have always been closest to, probably because we are the most alike. I have fond memories of her just wanting to hang around me wherever I was, especially if I was on the phone talking to Ben (during our dating years). She just liked being in the room listening to our conversation, and she was the one Ben always enlisted to help him carry out his surprises for me. I was 19 and she was 9, while our other siblings were 12 and 15 and definitely in that angsty tween-teen stage, so I think it was easier to bug me than them.

I wonder what my girls’ relationships with each other will look like in a few years. Right now, they are all really close, I hope it stays that way. They all have their fair share of spats, naturally, but what siblings don’t?

on true: dress, c/o fab kids. shoes, old navy. on glow: dress, c/o fab kids. high-tops, old navy.

Glow’s shoes are from the boy section, but I think it totally works for girls too. She also got a new haircut. Her first hair cut ever and while I was missing her long hair the next day, it was always in her face and she loves it! She loves going to the mirror to check herself out. HA!




family meals: week 89

family meals family meals Hainanese Chicken Rice. I use this recipe as a guide, but change it to use less oil and only use chicken breast. We love it every time! We serve it with brown rice and this delicious bok choy recipe.

family meals family meals Soba Noodles with Spicy Korean Dressing. I use this recipe for the sauce, which is delicious and easy, a total win! I use buckwheat soba instead of ramen noodles, and add some seafood for protein. Like the meal above, we have bok choy for our veggies. We all have really been loving bok choy lately.

Week of 10/20 – 10/24
Monday: Homemade Pizza
Tuesday: Soba and Spicy Korean Sauce
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Salmon and Wild Rice
Friday: Ceviche Night

The garden is out of sage, but once we get more in, I want to attempt a healthier version of this recipe. I need to figure out more fall recipes. What is your favorite food blog? I’m in need for some cooking inspiration.




garden roses This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Earlier this week, I asked Brave what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said, “I wanted to be a dancer, but I don’t want to dress immodest, so I think I’ll be a scientist.”

It’s been so great having the girls learn Spanish with Ben’s mom via FaceTime.

This blog has been such an encouragement for my weary heart.

Thankful for feeling crappy because it made me realize I need more Jesus.

I’m so happy there is a really good place to get boba milk tea near our home. I’ve been indulging at least once a week.

I ordered these headphones and have been loving them! The girls use them when playing computer learning games, and I use them when listening or watching something in bed.

This wooden drummer set is so cute!

We want to make this painted leaf art.

Don’t forget to check out my recent projects for A Beautiful Mess: Woodland Creatures Felt Masks, Braided Rope Basket,  and Three Easy Halloween Projects!

Enjoy the weekend!!!



abstract art pumpkins

abstract art pumpkins abstract art pumpkins abstract art pumpkins abstract art pumpkins abstract art pumpkins abstract art pumpkins abstract art pumpkins We were trying to figure out how we wanted to trick out our little pumpkins. We thought about making them a little witch hat and drawing witch faces, or painting them black, or turning them into little vases. In the end, the girls just wanted to paint them. We picked out some pretty colors of craft paint and they made their own little abstract art on the pumpkins.

They were proud of their creations and were asking for more pumpkins to paint. I especially love the messy strokes of paint that ended up on the scratch paper; I think it makes cute wall art. Looking at the pumpkins from the top, they kind of look life flowers.

What do you to decorate your pumpkins? Michael’s is having #trickyourpumpkin contest, so if you share your decorated pumpkins on Instagram, use #TrickYourPumpkin #sweepstakes and tag @MichaelsStores to enter. Get more information on it here.

I’m so happy it’s Friday! This week has felt extra long.





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