cozy sweater and jeans

cozy sweater and jeans cozy sweater and jeans cozy sweater and jeans It’s been California cold again, so it’s cozy sweater time. It probably won’t last long, and I know it’s not the kind of cold most everyone else is dealing with, but it still requires us to bundle up a teensy bit (compared to our typical short sleeves, short dress, and sandals kind of days). The past few days have been predicting rain, but we barely got any. I don’t know why they are always getting it wrong in Southern California. Seriously.

I’m not typically a denim person. It’s not something I’ve ever splurged on. Actually, I did once, and it was on some maternity denim jeans when I was pregnant with Brave. During those nine months, I only wore jeans and t-shirts, anything else made me nauseous. Those pregnancy hormones are so strange, aren’t they?!

I love the look of vintage Levi’s 501s (like this), but it’s hard to find ones that fit me just right. I did thrift a pair not too long ago, but it’s slightly too big (I still wear them though). I like these boy jeans in a cropped length, but figured I could find similar at the thrift store. With new styles these days, I think most of it could be thrifted and for much less (or I just sew it). Plus, I’d rather save on clothes and splurge on shoes.

Take this sweater for example, there was this one from Piperlime that I loved, so I was excited to come across this similar cropped one at the thrift store. Score! These jeans were from the boys section and I love them. I’m short at 5 foot even, so I think the technical rules are shorties like me shouldn’t wear cropped boy jean style, but I say whatever to that and I’ll wear what I like.

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diy: paris clay magnets

paris clay magnets Paris Clay Magnets

Paris Template (print onto card stock and cut out)
Polymer clay (various colors)
Parchment paper
Rolling pin
Modeling tool set
1/2″ round magnets
Baking sheet
Glue gun and glue stick

paris clay magnets Directions:
Tear out a sheet of parchment paper, and roll out the clay on top of it to about 1/4″ thickness. Place the template on top to use as a guide to carve out the shape. Next, use the tools to carve indents into the shapes to sort of “draw” the details onto the clay piece. Use the template as a guide to see the lines that could be carved into each piece.

Preheat the oven to 275°F. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the baking sheet, and place each carved clay piece on top of the baking sheet. Place in the oven and allow to bake for about 20 minutes, then remove and allow to cool completely.

Once cooled, glue a magnet centered on the back of each clay piece.

paris clay magnets paris clay magnets paris clay magnets paris clay magnets paris clay magnets paris clay magnets paris clay magnets paris clay magnets I love how they turned out! Perhaps, if you were throwing a Parisian themed party, you could create lots of Eiffel Towers to include in the invite. Or, if you’re studying France or reading This is Paris with your children, this would be a wonderful follow up activity to do with them. These magnets make me especially nostalgic for the trip I took to Paris while studying abroad in London many years ago. My parents also happen to be on a three week tour of Europe, so I’m excited for them to see all of this in person very soon.

All supplies for this project were provided by Michaels as part of the Michaels Makers SeriesCurrently, Michaels is conducting a contest for someone to win a four-night trip for two to Paris, 1,000 euros, a VIP tour of the Louvre, private classes including sketching, floral arranging, baking and more! Just create your own Parisian-inspired art, floral, baking or paper crafting project, and upload a photo to through March 31. You can also share your project on social media using #SpringtimeInParis. Good luck!

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the fig cuttings take root

winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015

About one month later (see post about it here), and the fig cuttings have grown some roots (along with other body parts like baby stems). Since we’re about set with the fig trees we plan to go with in the raised bed out back, these cuttings have allowed for some flexibility to experiment. And since it’s really nothing pressing, other things have taken priority in the backyard.

But a result of the roots jumping out of the containers, we’ve been forced into the next step, out of concern that the experiment would die prematurely! Not knowing any better, we placed them in a potting medium in small pots, but we read shortly after that this new home of potting soil might be too moist. We learned that a preferred medium consists of 60% Perlite and 40% finer vermiculite; a preferred container is a clear, tall plastic cup so you can see if the roots are developing. We shall continue to experiment! And with the weekend finally upon us, comes more gardening…



carving out “me” time

me time You can imagine how crazy our days are (I’ve shared our schedule here), so it’s natural that I need some “me” time somewhere. On the weekends, if there’s time to sneak away by myself, I’ll go to my craft room to sew. This weekend, things were a bit crazy with Ben being sick, so when there was a quiet moment, I disappeared for a little to play with some fabric and my sewing machine. That’s when I sewed the trapeze dress above (inspired by this dress). I don’t sew just because I want a new outfit (the result is nice perk though!); it is just relaxing for me to do something like that for myself… my own form of “self-care” you could say. It’s partially why I don’t ever do a step-by-step tutorial on the clothes I make because once I start, I just go, and don’t want to stop and take pictures. It’s my time in peace, just me and the sewing machine. I’m thankful I’ve been able to sneak in a few moments like these lately.

me time me time On a more regular basis, I try to carve out some “me” time after dinner. If Ben works a regular schedule (he’s been doing more late nights lately and those days are long for me), he’s home and he will finish up cleaning dinner and getting the kids to bed. I take that time as an opportunity to take care of things I need to (e.g. emails, blog, or projects). I try to be done with that around 8:30-ish so that I can chillax a little before bed. Chillaxing usually involves some Netflix, or catching up on one of my shows on Hulu, or I’ll just read. I’ve been pouring over my latest book on antique jewelry (I haven’t even shared with you how much I love learning about antique jewelry… it’s a dangerous hobby I tell you!).

Once I’m relaxing, and if I’m feeling a little hungry, I’ll have a little bit of ice cream. Thus, when Skinny Cow reached out and asked if I wanted to try out Skinny Cow’s Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars (which are delicious by the way), it was easy to say yes. Their ice cream bar was the perfect indulgent treat during my “me” time. Ben will occasionally join me in the ice cream indulging from time to time too. Of course, his serving is probably a lot less than mine. HA!

me time I know for my mom, her “me” time is journaling and having some chocolate (I’m sure she would like Skinny Cow’s Blissful Truffle Candy Bar). She has stashes of chocolate bars she keeps for herself all over the house, so no one will find them (my baby sister knows where they are though!). My middle sister is a coffee person (Skinny Cow’s creamy iced coffee would be her thing), so that’s her idea of “me” time and binge watching Gilmore Girls. My baby sister’s “me” time would be closing the door to her room and dancing wildly. Ben’s “me” time is out in the garden, though he likes to do that with me, so maybe it’s not quite “me” time. I think he’s such an introvert when he’s at work, so when he gets home he doesn’t need “me” time, and he likes doing everything together (if possible).

One thing I miss doing from college days is eating out alone. I enjoyed the freedom in that, but it’s been many, many years since that’s happened. Maybe I should make it a goal to eat out by myself for some “me” time in the near future. Lives are busy for all of us, so making “me” time is important, for yourself, your sanity, and everyone who has to be around you all the time. Don’t you think?! What’s your ideal “me” time look like?


This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow, and as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting this space and the companies I choose to partner with.


diy: denim & wool felt ball hair clips

denim & wool felt hair clips Denim & Wool Felt Ball Hair Clips

Scraps of denim fabric (these were scraps from a thrifted denim dress I altered)
2″ snap clips
1 3/4″ wool felt balls
Coordinating thread
Hand-sewing needle
Sewing machine
denim & wool felt ball hair clips Directions:
From your denim fabric, cut out the back and front pieces for your hair clip (you can use this rough drawn image as a template for cutting out the pieces). Sew around the entire perimeter of the hair clip about 1/8″ in from the edge. Hand-sew the ball on to the widest end of the denim front piece, then insert the snap clip into the back. Secure the snap clip in place, by sewing through the hole on the top of the snap clip, and attaching it to front denim piece. Don’t forget to snip any excess threads!

If you don’t have a sewing machine (or don’t know how to use one), the two denim pieces can be sewn together with either a blanket or running stitch all the way around, and I think that would be just as cute. I think next time, we will attach the pieces together with a blanket stitch.

denim & wool felt ball hair clips denim & wool felt ball hair clips denim & wool felt ball hair clips denim & wool felt ball hair clips denim & wool felt ball hair clips denim and wool felt ball hair clips denim & wool felt ball hair clips With four girls, we are always scrambling for hair clips in this house. They are constantly losing and misplacing them, so when there’s a need… we make it! We have a couple other styles we want to make, so we will share those once they’re done. For other hair clips tutorials, check out my sweetheart felt clip and my rosy posy felt clip. If you want other quick (and some take more time) sewing projects, my book, Let’s Sew Together, features about 30 projects. Almost all are unique to the book and are not projects that have been reused from the blog.

on glow: circus romper, c/o pigs & roses. high-tops, c/o old navy. denim jacket, old navy. We bought this jacket when True was a baby and it’s 3-6 months, but Glow still wears it even though she’s way past that, and it’s just a 3/4 sleeves denim jacket on her.




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