beaded heart headband

Beaded Heart Headband

Beads in various colors
12″ strand of wire
Glue gun & glue stick

1. Cut out 1 foot strand of wire.
2. Add your beads, but leave 2″ of both ends unfilled.
3. Place the end beads together to form the bottom of the heart, shape your heart, and twist wire tightly in place.
4. Place the heart on your desired spot on your headband and wrap wire ends around the headband.
5. Starting at one end of the headband, add a dab of hot glue, and wrap the entire headband. Note: Add a dab of glue every 1.5″ to make sure the ribbon is secure. To finish, add a dab of glue at the end, and cut excess ribbon

Glow is such a little ham. We like to call her “Hammer Time” because she’s always cracking us up with her cute little antics. Well, you can see she loves the headband. Soul’s already been wearing her headband everywhere, and I just need to make two more for the older girls. The headband is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

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This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Most of the Marais USA shoes are on super sale. Love the Arc Wedge!

Kindness is indeed magic… such a sweet tee.

I want to throw a party that looks like this!

I’m getting a head start on spring cleaning here. Anyone wear a size 6/36 shoe? I’m selling these Swedish Hasbeens. I’ve sold a couple things already, but have some things left.

If you’re in the Redlands area, I will be hosting a Valentine craft event at Kissui this Tuesday from 10:30-12pm. Bring your kids and let’s make a couple Valentine’s Day crafts together!

My friend is selling a whole slew of vintage goodies (perfect for wedding stuff), and an antique couch, and a 1940′s bike. If you’re local, check out her craigslist listing here.

Another friend told me about this app Deadringer, and I can’t wait to try it out next time I’m in a new city. It gives suggestions on where to eat and shop based on your style and preferences. We are planning out a road trip soon, so I will put this app to good use.

What an adorable cropped jumpsuit! Wish it came in my size.

I want to sew the girls some bell bottoms. I need to pick up more denim fabric soon.

Thankful for my sweet girls and how they teach me love, grace, and gospel. They continuously point me to Jesus.

Happy weekending everyone!


home lately

Homeschooling has been going really well lately. We’ve all done our best to stick the schedule and the girls have been pretty good about staying on task. We still have tantrums here and there; Soul and Glow started it off yesterday, then True and Brave started bickering during math. Other than that normal kid disobedience and selfishness, I’ve been impressed with how well the girls have been working hard to get school work done. They know my motto, “Work first, then play!” Or sometimes watch (they get to watch on the iPad if all school work is done, they practiced piano, and all their areas are clean).

We’ve been studying fractions and True and Brave are doing so well with it. I think they have enjoyed feeling quite successful at math lately. We also started Life of Fred, so I think that’s really helped turn all of our attitudes about math around. They are starting to see how numbers and math relate to everyday life, and I’m enjoying the silly ways Fred teaches about math.

It’s been three weeks since the last time I’ve wanted to quit homeschooling; God continues to teach me patience and endurance through this. There is a lot of joy in being able to teach them, and not only the head knowledge stuff, but especially the heart stuff. We have lots of opportunities to talk about how we all mess up (kids and parents), and how much we need Jesus. When they bicker, I get the opportunity to help them see their selfishness and redirect them to repent, and ask forgiveness from the sibling they offended (and God). It’s not always easy, and I’m not always patient; my selfishness is really being revealed through this parenting business. The more I see my mess ups, the more I see how much I need grace and gospel. And it’s not about never messing up (because I will and they will), but it’s about knowing that Jesus already covered all of it, and letting that be what drives our hearts and transforms our minds.


yellow, fringe, rope basket

This is one of the results of another rope project I’ve been working on. I dyed the cotton rope this wonderful golden color with turmeric. I never imagine it would be such a bold color; I thought it was going to be a faint yellow. The longer you leave it soaking, the deeper the yellow. I used a little bit less than a 100 feet of cotton rope for this basket. For the fringe, I used some dyed rope and cotton yarn, and weaved them in between the rope.

These baskets can be used to hold little knick knacks, but I love using them as a plant basket (just be sure to get a plastic liner to put the plant in). I have other rope projects to share with you soon. I’m addicted to sewing with them!


no sew heart bunting

No Sew Heart Bunting

Heart template
Felt in various colors (or use cute patterned fabric)
Sewing pins

Cut out lots of hearts with long arms placed towards the top half of the heart (or use the heart template as a guide). Next, tie each arm together. Lastly, hang for a little sweet cheer!

If you want another no sew garland, check out the triangle no sew bunting. We are going to have some neighbors over for a Valentine’s cookie exchange, so we will be using our heart bunting for the party!

We took some of your suggestions from the previous video and made directions more explicit. Let us know what you think of this newest one. We want to keep improving, so your feedback is so helpful. Thanks friends!
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