her love for crochet

I love to crochet and it’s fun to see one of my girls pick it up. The girls learned from their Grandmama; she taught them while they were in Texas over the summer. True loves to crochet too, but Brave is the one often with a hook and yarn in hand (True is more a sewer). Currently, she’s working on making herself a striped bag. It’s fun to see their personalities come out more in the hobbies they choose to pursue.

Maybe one day one of the girls will pick up knitting and teach me! That’s one skill I don’t quite understand.


paper plate cake stands

See how easy it is to make these paper plate cake stands here on the Babiekins Blog. You can make all sorts of sizes (and even tiered) with various plate and cup sizes.

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making cuties wreaths

It’s that time of year again where thankfulness and giving gets an extra spotlight, though we should certainly be doing this every day of the year. The girls have been excited to brainstorm all the things they can make as gifts this season. Making gifts is one of the things they love to do most. Sometimes, we have to reign them in because they make so much stuff (too much stuff!), but it really is sweet to see their hearts overflowing into wanting to make someone’s day a little brighter.

All the holiday baking and making has probably started everywhere. Our first gifts to make this season were for their teachers. Typically, we gift teachers and neighbors with some home baked goods. This year we’re doing something a little more healthful by making Cutie wreaths!

The girls and I laid out all our supplies and we had an afternoon of wreath making (and Cuties eating). Everyone got involved in the process. One gal was cutting string, another cutting out leaves from crepe paper, Soul was fixing the wreaths, and Glow peeled the Cuties for everyone to eat. My little Cuties Correspondents were all having a blast with the task on hand!

Cuties Wreaths

5 lb. bag of Cuties
30″ clear cellophane
Cotton string
Green crepe paper
Tags, optional

1. Cut out a 10″ wide strip of cellophane. Center 6 Cuties on top and wrap the cellophane around.

2. Cut 6 – 10″ strands of string (per wreath); cut out about 12 leaves from crepe paper (per wreath). Best way to cut them is to fold and cut, so that there are two leaves on one. Place a piece of string between each Cutie, add some leaves on top of the string, then knot and tie string into a bow. If want the leaves just in one section of the wreath, instead of between each fruit, then just tie bows all the way around with leaves inserted.

3. To join the two ends, cut any excess cellophane, leaving just enough to cover the next piece, then overlap cellophane over each end to close the circle. Lastly, add string and leaves.

With Ben being a dietitian, he was definitely in approval of this type of sweet treat. It’s a healthful gift to give and putting them into a wreath definitely give off holiday vibes. The kids were so proud of the wreaths they made and were very excited to give it to their teachers. Making a Cuties wreath was easy-to-make and will definitely be easy-to-love. This homemade gift certainly spreads a little bit of sunshine and sweetness to this season of #100DaysofSunshine.

This post is in collaboration with Cuties. All opinions are my own, and I’m thankful for the support you give me, this space, and the brands I partner with.



This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Ugh! We’ve hit a couple bumps in the construction in our front yard and we’re trying not to worry (cause does worry really do anything?!) and trust (and thank) God for the trial. It’s not a bad problem to have, but does get a little frustrating when you aren’t seeing eye to eye with the contractor.

Thankful Thanksgiving break starts now! WOOT!

Okay, so Aunt Flo came early and I think I’m a cup believer. Will give my review on it on another post. Also, I love reading all your comments regarding the cup and your cultural norms of shoes in the house. I miss reading your comments (I know most people no longer really comment on blogs these days) and I love how it felt like a discussion here (I want to do more of that). I plan to respond to the discussion in the posts in the next couple of days. It’s been so busy this week that I felt like Ben and I had to both schedule time just to breathe because we’ve been go, go, go.

Any orders placed in the WOVENFOLK main shop and etsy between 11/18-11/26 will be shipped out 11/27.

These thin oat cookies look delicious.

Do you have your eye on anything on Black Friday? The girls have wanted SONOS speakers (they love listening to music at home), so we are thinking about it as a community gift for them (if we find a good deal). We were also considering Chromecast Audio, which seems to be really cool and is only $35, but it doesn’t play iTunes, which is where all our music is stored.

Cute denim dress from Ms. Tips. Looks cute layered with a sweater under during the colder months.

“Suffering is like scorching heat to the soul.” from this Desiring God article. A rebuke and encouragement to suffer well.

We are headed to Sedona, AZ for Thanksgiving week! Anyone have recommendations for things to do, see, and eat there (or neighboring cities)?

This geometric building block set  and make a face puzzle looks really cool. The toys that get played with the most at our house are the ones they can build things with.

If you’re stateside, happy pre-Thanksgiving weekend prepping! Hope everyone has a chill weekend!


window shopping on antique farmhouse

My parents are in the process of remodeling and I told my mom I’m going to make her home look farmhouse-country-shabby chic. They added almost 500 square feet and now have this huge kitchen, dining room, and living room space. It’s been fun to see the transformation, though I’m sure it doesn’t feel as fun since my parents have been living out of a suitcase for almost 6 months now, and have had no kitchen. They lived with us for about a month, so I’m sure that was a welcome reprieve from their construction zone home, but they are itching for life to go back to normal and be able to cook their own meals. Honestly, I can’t wait for my mom to have a kitchen because I miss her home cooked meals. We all see the light at the end of the tunnel though because everything should be done by the end of November, just in time for Christmas.

While they were deciding light fixtures and other details like that, my mom would ask me what I thought, and I would help her pick things out. I love decorating, so I’m happy to put in my design advice. Though what I’m really excited about is helping them decorate (and purge!). They’ve bought new (vintage and reproduction) pieces here and there, and I’ll text her things I think she should get. When I came across Antique Farmhouse, I knew immediately my mom would love this store. All the items have the romantic country-shabby chic vibes she loves. When I lived at my parents’ house, I tried to help her decorate with a floral country-shabby chic touch. Then, when I had my own home, I went shabby chic for our first nursery. You can still see my love for that shabby chic touch in certain pieces we have in our home.

As I was window shopping at Antique Farmhouse, I noted things I think would look grand in my parents newly transformed space. Lots of shabby chic home decor like this distressed table would look good in their new dining room or entry way. A golden wreath like this would look great on wall in my mom’s new master bath, where she has a gorgeous chandelier and claw foot tub. Then, maybe a stool like this next to the tub or in the corner to offset the glamour of the wreath with a little shabby chic, farmhouse touch. My mom is a maximalist, so she loves mixing lots of different styles together for a cozy, comfy feel.

My style is very eclectic. Most of my friends thought my home would have had lots of florals like my mom, but I use florals sparingly (though I do have a big pop of it on a rug here). While shopping for my mom, I made a note of things I like, and share some of those things here. I really like the beaded chandelier (I love hanging lights and not so much floor lamps). I like using architectural pieces for wall art, like this acanthus leaf corbel or old mill window. My favorite thing on the site is the swan wall decor; I’d love that in a bathroom or over our bed (off-centered to the side). My decor choices might seem random, but that’s because I describe my style as vintage-modern, bohemian minimalist, so I guess that means I make random things I love work. While my mom is a maximalist, I’m a minimalist when it comes to decor, but a maximalist when it comes to plants. There’s never such thing as too much green.

Is traditional or shabby chic your thing? Or are you more romantic bohemian in your home style? Or maybe you’re more minimalist modern? I would love to hear how you describe your home decor!


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