flower pot costume

Flower Pot Costume Supplies: Petal template Leaf template 4-5 sheets of felt for the flower petals 4 sheets of green felt for the leaves Coordinating embroidery floss 2 poster boards, brown or gold for pot Duct tape Thick ribbon, for pot 1/4″ ribbon (or yarn), to string through the petals Hand sewing needle Scissors Directions: 1.Cut out your flower petals from the felt. I used 14 flower petals for our headpiece, but the amount you use may differ based on ...


glow’s 5th birthday breakfast in bed

I think I’m going to get kicked out of birthday breakfast duty because Ben totally knocked it out of the park for Glow’s 5th birthday. I was at the Michaels Makers Summit on her birthday, (we celebrated right before I left) and based on what Ben produced, I think he should be taking over blog duties. Clearly, you can see that Glow very much loved her little spread. Of course, her favorite part was Yoda made from a pear. A ...


michaels makers summit at carmel valley ranch

I had no clue how the Michaels team would top last year’s summit, but they certainly did. The backdrop this year was at the gorgeous Carmel Valley Ranch, and I was not prepared for how amazing it was all going to be. The moment I stepped into my room, which had a living room, two televisions, fireplace in my bedroom, and a balcony overlooking deer and wild turkey roaming around… I was in hotel heaven. Immediately, I felt a little ...


linen jumpsuit

I started making this linen jumpsuit at the end of July for a wedding, but I didn’t have time to finish it until a couple weeks ago. As a result, I never wore it to the wedding like I had planned (I wore this instead), though I was able to take it with me to the Michaels Makers Summit and wore it there. This is my first go at a jumpsuit and I’d like to make another, but with a ...


glow turns five

My littlest love turned five last week and we celebrated with a simple birthday party. Her requests were balloons, drawing party, and a scooter. Thus, it was a Friday night party in our bedroom. I made a poster and got an engineering print of it made at a local copy shop, picked up some multi-colored balloons from Michaels and taped them all around the bed (the packaging said nothing about mustache faces on them, but we rolled with it), and ...



This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness… I had a great time at this year’s Michaels Makers Summit. There’s so much to share from it, so stay tuned for a post coming soon. Pinned this cute outfit, but especially love the unique basket bag. If you’re wear an 8 in shoes, please get these vintage wooden heels. I ordered Maryanne Moodie’s book, On the Loom: A Modern Weaver’s Guide, and can’t wait for it to come in. Ben and I have ...


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