describing my style

March 22, 2017

I’ve been trying to figure out how I describe my personal style and I was thinking along the lines of vintage-modern with a bit of bohemian-minimalist. I think that sort of describes my home decorating style too. I love looking back at my style (I’m glad I have lots of documentation on this blog) and seeing how I’ve changed over the years. One thing that has been pretty constant is my love for vintage. I used to really like 50s and 60s silhouettes (see here and here), but after Glow (and once my body settled after we were done having kids), I’m drawn to much looser styles. I vacillate between wearing something loose (and kind of oversized, see here) to fitted, high-waisted jeans and skirts (see here).

I make many of my clothes, or alter things I find at the thrift store, so while they are vintage, they definitely look modern (at least I think so). The minimalist part is that I like simple styles and I love natural fabrics. My closet is full of denim and blue and I do a happy dance every time I find a good vintage cotton/linen piece. Bohemian comes to play because I’m always carrying a basket, and you can’t really tell cause my hair is always down, but I wear large earrings and I love my ring stacks (I collect antique rings). Typically, I’m wearing 6 or more rings on my hands. I’m not really into fancy designers, but I do love indie designers. Rachel Comey is my ultimate fave when it comes to shoes.

A capsule wardrobe has never been my thing, I would find it too confining. I dress based on my mood, so I don’t think a capsule would work for me. Things I haven’t worn in awhile, but love (and can’t part with), I store in a container in my closet. I only allow myself one container of things to save, so I go through it and give items away when I’m ready to part with it. Hoarding certain pieces has come in handy because there have been some things I have been saving for awhile that now fit and True and Brave. I have sisters I can give clothes to and I give plenty away to friends too, or I have altered many of my clothes to fit True and Brave. We’ve been doing this a lot lately because they’re really starting to outgrow some of their things, so we are altering mine to fit them. I’ve also sold some of my things at one of those buy, sell, trade places, and since a lot of my stuff is vintage, they typically buy back my clothes.

I’m definitely no fashion guru, but I do enjoy fashion and getting dressed. Some of my favorite places for fashion inspiration is Calivintage (Erin shares my love for vintage modern vibes), Lisa Says Gah, and I love Pinteresting outfits that inspire me. I’ll either try to recreate something by sewing my own version or finding something at the thrift store and altering it. Thrifting, sewing, and altering clothes is really therapeutic for me.

How would you describe your style? Do you thrift or sew, or do you have a favorite clothing shop you frequent?

on me: camel tee, everlane (they make the best basic tees!). denim wrap skirt, vintage (vintage here, new there). espadrilles, castaner (similar here). basket, vintage via ms. tips (similar here).

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