lipstick and blush

July 20, 2017

Let’s chat a teensy bit about makeup. I don’t wear much (well, it isn’t much to me, but if you’re used to nothing on your face, then it’s a lot), mostly because I don’t know how to put things on. For one of my winter formals in high school, I got in a big fight with my mom, who is pro at makeup (she once did MaryKay), so she didn’t do my makeup. I ended up doing it myself, and it looked bad. Blending, contouring, where to put things on the eyelid, I had no clue about those things then, nor do I now. So… my makeup routine consists of argan oil on face, sunscreen, fill in the brows (because I have very light caterpillars), brush blush on both cheeks, curl the lashes and brush on mascara, and then some color on the lip (not every day). Everything in that order. Well, sometimes the lip gets done in the car. At a red light.

I’ve slowly started incorporating makeup with much more natural ingredients, and doing away with others filled with things I can’t even pronounce. I still have to phase out my current brow filler and mascara to something with natural ingredients (anyone have suggestions?), but I’ll get there soon (just want to finish what I have first). For blush, I use HAN Skin Care in coral candy. It gives a nice hint of pink with a bit of bronze; it smells good too. You just need a light dusting to get some color, and I’ve been using it for 7 months now, and still have not run out. I really like it and am happy with this product. I would definitely order this again, but I am curious about how a cheek gel might work (never tried it before), so once I’m done with this one, I might try one of those out.

For lipstick, I switched over from MAC to Kosas Cosmetics and was immediately impressed with it. I need something creme based, so this has worked really well for my lips. My skin and lips tend to be on the dry side (and very sensitive), so creme based lipsticks are must for me. I use “thrillest” for when I want a red lip, and “rosewater” for a natural pink. I’ve used “electra” for a red lip in the past, but I like the hint of orange in “thrillest” better.

That’s pretty much my makeup routine! If I have something fancy to dress up for, I’ll do cat eyes with eyeliner. Then, for my hair, I do this. And actually, if you watched the video, I no longer heat curl my hair. I wash my hair at night, let it dry completely, put it in foam rollers, and take them off the next morning… voila! My face and hair probably takes about 10 minutes, 15 max. Clothes is a different story, sometimes that takes me awhile.



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