felt pom pom garland christmas tree

December 1, 2017

Felt Pom Pom Garland Christmas Tree

Template for the pin points
Felt pom pom garland (I used 3)
Sewing pins (or can use Command decorating hooks if you don’t want tiny holes in your wall)

Place a pin at the top, from there continue to place your pin points on each side to make the shape of the tree. See template to determine pin points. Once the points have all been created, join the ends of two garlands together and place that at the top pin point of the tree. Continue shaping the tree, draping the garland on the next pin point until your tree is completed.

We used 3 garlands total and our tree is about 4 feet tall. If you want to make a larger tree, use more garland.

Isn’t so cute?! It’s so easy to make and gives such a fun holiday vibe. You could make it with a tinsel garland, tassel garland, or even simple string lights. Better yet, make an even bigger one with more garland attached. Maybe a giant wall one should be our tree this year! We are a bit behind in the Christmas decorating and this is the only thing we have up so far.

Also, I love this pom pom garland because I can use it way past Christmas. I’m all about things that have multiple uses, so you’ll probably see this garland repurposed in other DIYs throughout the coming year. Of course, you could certainly make your own felt ball garland, but with it being $5.99 at Michaels right now, I’d rather buy it than make it. So who’s going to give this festive, simple DIY a whirl?

Supplies provided as part of the Michaels’ Makers SeriesSanta’s MAKEshop is open at Michaels! From holiday décor to trimmings for your tree to DIY necessities, you can find everything you need to make your holiday magical!

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